Xiaomi Redmi 3s vs. Vivo V5 – Which phone to buy?

World of internet has revolutionised the selling market. Several options are available in e-commerce world. Detailed information related to specifications and reviews allow users to get an insight of a particular product. Also comparison with other products of same genre makes the shopping cost-friendly and time saving. Today, we bring you the comparison between Vivo V5 & Xiaomi Redmi 3s. While Vivo V5 was launched on 26-Nov-2016, Redmi 3S was launched on 9-Aug-2016.

  1. Price –

The biggest and most whooping difference between Vivo V5 and Xiaomi Redmi 3S is related to price. While Vivo V5 has been priced at around Rs. 16,000, Xiaomi Redmi 3S can be bought at Rs. 6,999. So Xiaomi Redmi 3S makes it first and only choice for cost-saving lovers when compared to its competitor.

  1. Operating system –

While Vivo V5 offers 6.0 Marshmallow Android, Xiaomi Redmi 3S is offering 6.0.1 marshmallow android that gives Xiaomi Redmi 3S an edge over Vivo V5.

  1. Battery –

Vivo V5 comes with 3000 mAH battery while Xiaomi Redmi 3S comes with 4100 mAH battery which again gives it an edge over Vivo V5. Better mAH means less drainage issues. Xiaomi Redmi 3S supports fast charging unlike Vivo V5.

  1. RAM & Internal Storage –

The first specification that every game lover and tech-friendly user looks for is RAM and ROM. Here Vivo V5 is the clear winner against Xiaomi Redmi 3S. While Vivo V5 offers 4GB RAM and 32 GB ROM, Xiaomi Redmi 3S supports 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM only. Multi tasking is a fun in Vivo V5.

  1. Processor –

MediaTek MT6750 SoC processor of Vivo V5 is slow as compared to Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 MSM8937 of Xiaomi Redmi 3S. So performance wise, Xiaomi Redmi 3S dominates Vivo V5.

  1. Fingerprint sensor –

Single fingerprint touch sensor which unlocks the phone in mere 0.2 second gives Vivo V5 a clear win over Xiaomi Redmi 3S.

  1. Screen –

153.80 x 75.50 x 7.55 mm display of Vivo V5 makes it bigger in comparison to Xiaomi Redmi 3S which has a display of 139.30 x 69.60 x 8.50 mm. Bigger screen means easier to read, write and navigate the smartphone.

  1. Camera –

Vivo V5 is a tailor made smartphone for selfie lovers since it comes with 20 MP moonlight front camera. Xiaomi Redmi 3S has merely 5 MP front camera. Rear Camera of both the phones comprises of 13 MP.

Both the phones have their own advantages and drawbacks. Storage wise, Vivo V5 defeats Xiaomi Redmi 3s but gets defeated closely on parameters of operating system and processor. But some add-on special features like fingerprint sensor and special moonlight selfie camera makes Vivo V5 clear winner and gets it very ahead in the race. As far as Sims, WI-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth configurations are concerned, both the phones stand on the same position. The major difference is the cost of buying and hence while low-budget buyers may go for Xiaomi Redmi 3S prime silver, tech-friendly users with high budget can opt for Vivo V5.