Top 6 IT Solutions for Small Businesses

The profit margins of your business will only get better if you incorporate smart and innovative systems to run things. Most IT solutions are cost-effective and there is always a solution for every business regardless of the sector of the economy your business is in.

The main benefits of having a reliable IT solution for your business include:

  • Cost cutting on IT budget
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Critical data retention

These benefits are seen only if you have the following IT solutions in place:

  1. Server-based networks

These networks are effective for connecting multiple computers or users. However, before starting, you will have to determine the kind of data to be shared and how it is shared, how to back-up all the data, collaboration, and how to protect all the data.

Though this might be slightly expensive, it provides security and redundancy of all company information, problems are easily resolved, and it offers better technical support and network management.

  1. Network protection

Data loss results in lowered profitability. With the providers of the best IT solutions for your business, you can save millions otherwise lost in data loss or hacking. You need a WiFi controller, but you also need to have advanced means of curbing IT threats.

Some of the best network protection measures include use of antivirus protection, strong password security, login and access permissions to few or trusted users, use of anti-spam filters, and setting up two step and highly protected firewalls. These measures will help in keeping your business and the entire WiFi network safe.

  1. Corporate WiFi

A centralized wireless network system based on the 802.11ac or the 802.11b/g standard ensures that the entire enterprise has continuous and fast internet connectivity. This also makes it easy to monitor all users in the network, thus flagging users using higher bandwidth levels.

The WiFi controller also keeps in check the access of clients to servers and also controls the types of automatic software systems. This feature is beneficial for small businesses in the corporate world or businesses that are growing fast.

  1. Managed hosting

As an IT solutions provider, the service provider should offer the best hosting services covering email, groupware, website, ecommerce site, and other applications. This hosting must be done on secure systems, hardware and software.

There should also be efficient backup systems and safe internet access configurations. The WiFi network accessing the sites should have the highest security settings to keep all information shared to and out of the cloud safe.

  1. Business phone systems

The VoIP systems should be affordable for local and international business calls. It should also be handset agnostic, licenses, flexible, and connected to a reliable server. The calls made must be secure as well. Connectivity should be clear a tall times.

  1. Cloud services

Cloud computing saves on the cost of purchasing hardware, running or maintaining servers. A small business with reliable servers saves a lot of time and makes it easy for data to be backed up preventing avoidable data loss.

In conclusion, smart small businesses have these solutions optimized to fit their industry needs. As a result, they have higher levels of productivity from their employees resulting in high profit margins.