Necessary Tips On How to Charge your iPhone 7 For the First Time

One of the latest models in smartphones is the iPhone 7. Its design is similar to iPhone 6/6s. Many of them intend to buy it, but when you purchase a new iPhone 7, the first question that arises in your mind is how to charge it? However, most of them do not know it is not necessary to charge the iPhone immediately after purchasing. You can use it until the battery drains then you can place it to charge.

Let us know some of the different ways to juice-up your iPhone 7.

Battery capacity

Make sure of the battery capacity when you newly purchase the iPhone 7 because each and every phone will work based on the battery. If the battery is good then your phone will work for a longer time. Battery capacity impacts on the battery life span and performance, so everyone wants to keep their phone battery long and safe.

Most of them will suggest you, it is compulsory to charge your phone for 6-8 hours, but it is not true. Some of the factors affecting the battery capacity are temperature, recharge rate etc.

Tips to charger your iPhone 7

  1. When you are going to place your iPhone on charge initially, switch off the device for nearly 2 hours and then charge it. If you will not use your iPhone 7 frequently, drain the battery and charge it once or twice every month.
  2. Do not make use of a computer or other uncertified chargers while charging your iPhone initially, it may cause harm to your iPhone 7. Make use of ordinary wall charger, when you charge for first 3 times.
  3. It is not necessary to charge the iPhone 7 for many hours as the battery will charge up to 100%. One of the most convenient features of the iPhone 7 is that it protects the battery from excess power supply. The battery stops working automatically when it reaches 100%.
  4. Do not use your iPhone 7 while charging, particularly when you are using newly. Keep it aside until the battery will charge fully and then make use of it.

For iPhone 7 charger best buy wireless charger, but before using it, check whether you have a card receiver to allow your iPhone 7 to charge. Steps to suggest how to keep charging for your iPhone 7 with a wireless charger:

  • Select a best wireless charger.
  • Plug-in the cable of card receiver to the outlet and fold it on the flipside of your iPhone 7.
  • Put your iPhone 7 inside a leather case if possible else you can use any other case.
  • Lastly you have to keep your iPhone 7 on a wireless charging pad for charging.

It is very simple to juice-up your iPhone 7, plug in the cable, and charge up to 100%. Once the battery is full take remove the plug. It is not necessary to overcharge it. If you want to increase the battery lifespan do not drain the battery frequently. Keep it on charge when the battery reaches 20%.