Creating A Website For Small Businesses: Don’t Miss These Aspects!

As a small business owner, you are probably struggling with new things every other day, and spending on a website might not seem like an obvious idea. However, having a website is not a choice for smaller brands in this era. The new-age tech-savvy customer is smart and would ‘Google’ every service and product before making a choice. Your brand needs to be seen, and in case you are wondering how to make a web page from scratch, we have some wise advice below for help.

  • Start with the basic three. These three are – CMS, hosting and domain. The hosting plan basically offers storage to host your website on the web, while the domain name is what people will type when they look for your website. The CMS or content management system basically helps in editing, updating and managing the website. If you are just looking for names, we recommend that you consider BlueHost for hosting, GoDaddy for domain registration, and WordPress for CMS. There are other options, and if you want to compare, you can always check for reviews.
  • Consider the design process. There are two ways to create a website – Either you can choose to hire a web developer for the job and allow them to customize everything as per your requirements, or you can consider to use a website builder. CMS like WordPress offer considerable information and advice on creating basic websites, which can be more than enough for designing small business websites.

  • Think of marketing. Your website should be easy to promote and must be designed in a way that it makes the most of on-page SEO and marketing hacks. For example, for small business sites, you can optimize a lot of things by using the Yoast plugin. There are also hundreds of paid and free plug-ins that can be considered. Before you create a website, always consider how you see the portal visually. The theme, color, design and other aspects should resonate with your brand, and that’s the best way to create an impressive layout and final look for your small business website.

There are some really good guides as how you can create a website and web page, and many also include screenshots and visual tips for helping new users. If you are thinking of saving money, follow one of these guides and design your own website, instead of hiring a web developer, who may charge a bomb, especially for expansive portals.