Avoid These Mistakes when Designing your Website

With the surge of new website design options and mobile browsing, a lot of websites need to consider an overhaul. Unfortunately, the trend has also lead to poor design choices that make it impossible for consumers to connect with brands fully. These choices include poor navigation, weak content, unappealing homepages, and many other errors. If you own an average website, there are things you can do to improve your site. It is just important to avoid making the following web design mistakes:

Not Having a Responsive Web Design

As many people use their smartphones or tablets when accessing the web, having a mobile-friendly website and responsive design is vital for your business. Since the introduction of the Google update which penalizes non-responsive websites in searches made using mobile devices, there is a significant issue for those who generate leads on the web. Think about this before you look for a web design company to hire.

Depending on a Free Website Development App

There are many companies that offer website building applications which claim to let users launch a new site in just minutes. But, this kind of services has design aspects which add lots of lines to the back-end code and makes a website load slower. If you use one of these apps, you can expect serious performance problems and errors with your site over time. If you have a tight budget, think about buying a premium that has the style and look of your ideal site.

Ignoring Design Elements

Keep in mind that too many customizations can result in many problems and distract your readers from your actual content. Because visitors may not find minimalist websites appealing, you should always find a balance. For most sites, the entire page of a site must be designed to lead the eyes of visitors towards making a favorable action.

Failing to Get Customer Information

A number of websites may have too many ad placements while others spend significant amounts of money and time to drive customers to their website but fail to capture a lead or sale. Once you miss a visitor, there is a very small chance that that user will return to your site. But, you can continue to get in touch with this customer when you capture their information. This is possible by making a homepage opt-in offer which appeals to visitors. The offer can include free shipping on retail websites, an instant discount, a contest giveaway, or an attractive freebie.