You Will Be Discovered If You Don’t Have TV License

There is no denying that there are just about endless laws imposed by the government that we only learn about those that directly concern us. In fact, there are even some that we might get affected but we don’t know about yet. We only know them when our attention is already called. At times, there are also those who will try to step on the government thinking that they will not be discovered but you are wrong there. You might not be discovered but because you will continue doing what you are used to doing, time will really come when you will be discovered and when that time comes, you will be penalized heavily for sure. This is why, it is never good to ignore the government as after all, they are just looking for the good of everyone.

One of the laws imposed by the government is for everyone who enjoy watching tv programs and even recording them while they are broadcast must get a license tv. There might be some exceptions but they are only minimal and some of them are not really entirely exempted. They are just given discounted rates like when the holder is blind or with severely impaired sight. If you are just in a normal condition, you should get a tv license as if not, you will surely discovered. Here are the reasons why:

  • The tv licensing department is not without the latest technology to detect those who are delinquents. At the heart of their operation is their database that comes with about 31 million home as well as business addresses. Their technology can detect those who are with license and it goes without saying that those that are not detected will be checked as there is a good chance they don’t have the license of course.
  • Aside from their latest technology, they have enforcers that are already well-versed in checking each of the addresses found in their database so that they will surely see whose address is without a tv license and once you will be found out, for sure you will be prosecuted by the law and at the same time, you will be penalized as well. It is even said that these enforcers can apprehend about 1000 delinquents as an average every day.

  • They also have their own detectors that are in their vans as they go around from house to house. They are fabricated in discretion so that no one, like even the best IT experts can tell how they are made. With these detectors, there is no way that law evaders can step on them. If you are one of them, you should start getting your own tv license.

If you have questions about how to get the tv license and the cost as well, there is a helpline you can call and you can also call the tv licence phone number. For sure they will be glad to explain things to you.

Author Bio: Mike Knowles is a tv license enforcer and he is urgently advising each tv user to really get their own tv license if they don’t want to face legal complications.