The Case for Vaping as a 21st Century Recreational Solution

Vaping—it’s a craze that’s taking the youth of the world by storm, while leaving many older folks scratching their heads as to what this new fad is all about. In one respect, it should be encouraging for vapers to see their substance of choice go through this scrutiny and trial—after all, we’ve been here before as a society. From flappers and alcohol in the 1920s to marijuana in the 1960s, recreational substances have always gone through a phase of being seen as “edgy” before simply becoming another accepted part of the zeitgeist. The term “zeitgeist” roughly translates to “spirit of the age,” and for many it’s an apt description of all they love most about vaping. So, for those not in the know and curious about the world’s hottest new recreational option, what exactly is vaping all about?


Rebelling Against Tobacco

It’s no secret that Big Tobacco is one of the biggest killers on the planet among recreational substances, with millions each year dying as the result of smoking. Smoking has been a human activity for centuries, with a whole culture and aesthetic ideal built up around it. But as medical science continues to improve and expose the very real, very deadly risks of smoking, it’s becoming a less and less palatable option, especially among younger generations. Enter vaping.

Vaping takes the best attributes of smoking and seeks to make them safer. Whereas igniting and inhaling tobacco can lead to extreme health woes for your heart, lungs, tongue, teeth, and other parts of your body, vaping works by vapourising a liquid solution that is prepared beforehand—a process that, while in the still early stages of use, has shown signs of being healthier than smoking cigarettes.

A Custom Experience

To a large extent, a cigarette is a cigarette. For today’s youth, which has been raised in an age of increased customisation and an emphasis on personality and individualism, a cigarette simply won’t suffice. Vaping encourages this notion by emphasising the custom nature of vape solutions. Whereas tobacco is a far more monolithic industry in terms of taste and aesthetics, vaping is a wild open arena where new and creative concoctions are always available for consumption. Different vape solutions feature different consistencies and tastes, making each time you consume a new bottle an adventure in its own right. Add to that the customisation options for an e-cigarette, with everything from the aesthetics of its metal casing to the battery and internal workings able to be swapped out to your heart’s content, and it isn’t hard to see why vaping is seen as a far more expressive substance when compared to its tobacco rival.


The Economics

Finally, because e-cigarettes can be used over and over again, the economics simply favour something like vaping over the costs involved with buying pack after pack of cigarettes. You can find the best of these options available on major sites such as Vaper Empire, as well as guides to your first vape purchases.

From the aesthetics to the economics, vaping is simply a newer, smarter recreational experience.