The Benefits of an Unlocked Phone

Today just about everything can be handled by a mobile device. You might prefer your laptop or your desktop, but you can definitely run your life on your phone. If you have a job, you probably communicate with your employers or your clients through your phone. People allow their kids to use their phones to keep occupied. They send and share photos, and use phones for more serious things like banking. For some people, their whole lives run through their phones. That means it’s absolutely essential they have the right phone. If you are one of the people who spends a lot of time on the phone, or if you’re just looking for something to make your life easier, you need to think about getting an unlocked phone.

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What Does ‘Unlocked’ Mean?

An unlocked phone is one that can be registered with multiple different carriers. Typically, a phone is tied to a network, even if it’s made by some other company. Companies will make the same phone for several different networks with firmware that means they’ll only work on one specific network. This is a way for mobile phone companies and service providers to collaborate to force you into long contracts that don’t work to your favour. However, not every mobile company does this. Some of them are producing unlocked phones. In addition to being great phones, they offer some serious benefits over those that require you to buy mobile phone plans tied to specific networks.

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When you are bound to a certain network because your phone only works with one kind of network, you’re bound to that network until you buy a new phone. If you don’t want to buy a new phone even when your contract ends, your only real option is to sign up for another contract with that same provider. In this way, companies are able to keep you even after your contract runs out. Then they make you sign up for another contract and the process continues. You can break that process, though; you just need to buy a phone that’s unlocked. Then you’ll be able to change providers without having to worry about whether your phone will work.


When you buy a phone that’s bound to a certain network, you don’t get to control the price of the phone or of your plan. Since the phone is bound to the network, the company can change your rates for coverage whenever it likes. Since you can’t change to a different provider, you’re stuck. Your only option would be to cancel your plan and buy a whole new phone; that would be a pretty expensive option.

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Similarly, companies can charge whatever they want for phones, since your contract is with them and you have to buy one of their approved phones.

An unlocked phone is the best way for you to make sure you are getting a phone that does what you want. You’ll be able to shop for the best phones and the best plans.