Relocating Your Business and Data

Anyone who has ever moved house understands exactly how much of a nightmare the whole procedure can be and the chaos that often ensues at the new property trying to locate everything, from a bunch of boxes that all seem to look identical. It can take a considerable amount of time to get everything fully sorted out and functional and life can be quite difficult until it is. Now translate that to an office move and it can get quite frightening. There may be significantly more to move, which means more to sort out in the new premises, and a company does not have the luxury of taking its time over getting operations functioning again. Every chair, desk and computer needs to be in its correct new position, be functioning, and the phone system has to be correctly set up, so that people wherever possible can retain the same extension number to avoid communication problems.

Relocation Logistics

Companies move from one location to another all the time for a variety of reasons, which might be expansion, downsizing, or simply to find a more suitable and convenient location for customers and staff. If all of the logistics of your move are not properly planned and coordinated, the ensuing problems could have cataclysmic consequences, making it absolutely essential to hire the services of complete professionals, who understand how to prepare a complete inventory of everything down to simple things like power cables and the water cooler. As time is money, the packing, removal, transportation and subsequent reinstallation have to be professionally managed.

Old Electrical Appliances

An office move is also quite often accompanied by an upgrading of many of the electrical systems within an office, and every company has a legal obligation to properly dispose of anything that falls under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), directives. It may be printers, servers or just the kettle for making the tea and coffee, but it must be disposed of properly. This is when finding a company who practice office removal and WEEE recycling, like XPO IT Services and IT removals in Telford can pay dividends. A company will want to ensure that not only are its waste electronics properly recycled, but also wish to remain secure in the knowledge that any data on any of the old equipment is also going to be properly dealt with, either by being properly backed up and saved, or completely destroyed to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

The New Office

Settling into a new office can take a little time, especially if the firm is of a reasonable size, while everyone starts to work out where everything is and where everybody else’s office is. These though are fairly minimal issues which shouldn’t create too much of a problem, especially if you have put care and thought into the logic of how the new premises is laid out.

Now is the time to double check that everything that was supposed to be moved has indeed arrived, which can be extremely difficult if you do not have a full and complete inventory, which a professional mover will always be able to provide you with, as a standard part of the removals exercise.