Pros and Cons of Inkjet and Laser Printers

How long have you been sitting there trying to decide what type of printer to buy?  It can seem like there are too many choices, so lets look at a few things separately to figure out what your needs might be and which printer(s) might be best suited to you and your family or business (or both).

Here are some comparisons between the inkjet and laser printers for sale that you should consider to get you started:

The PROS of an INKJET printer

Inkjet printers generally offer:

  • lower up front retail cost like if you buy HP 61xl Ink Combo at
  • quick setup and easy installation (often plug n play)
  • no “warm up time” at startup
  • smaller
  • lighter
  • best for picture printing (or documents with lots of images)
  • can handle more paper varieties
  • toner can be replaced or refilled easily

The CONS of an INKJET printer

On the other hand, here are some things that users may not appreciate about the inkjet printer:

  • inkjet printers print documents slowly
  • toner can get to be quite expensive
  • toner is water-based so it has a tendency to run or bleed
  • toner cartridges need to be cleaned frequently (which can actually waste a lot of ink)

The PROS of a LASER Printer

If you are thinking about a laser printer, here are some the things that should encourage you:

  • three times faster printing than an inkjet
  • perfectly sharp black text (regardless of size or font)
  • user lower ink volumes (less ink per sheet, less waste)
  • better toner cartridge value
  • better overall value

The CONS of a LASER Printer

On the other hand, of course, here are some things which may deter you from buying a laser printer

  • higher up front cost
  • can take time to start up
  • toner can leak (and clean up is not easy)
  • limited paper stock variety
  • cannot handle heat sensitive materials
  • lower quality graphics/image printing
  • bigger and heavier


As you can see, there are many different reasons to consider laser jet and inkjet printers so you really need to compare the facts to determine which one is best for you.  Most domestic situations, I will tell you, benefit mostly from the versatility of the inkjet, but your situation may be different or you may have more specific needs.