Mi Router 3C review: A must-have Wi-Fi router

Routers have made networking simple in the recent times. The entry of new model router systems from various companies has given people an option to choose the one that suits their need. Along with this, these Wi-Fi routers are also compatible with the operating system used by the mobile device in hand. In this regards, the Mi Router 3C from Xiaomi requires a special mention. Designed for the home based networking needs, this Wi-Fi router is the first model router from Xiaomi in India.

The requirements of the people in terms of high performance routers have changed in the recent years. The router from Xiaomi is the perfect example for that. Fit with four high-performance antennas, this router offers hours of seamless web browsing, high intensity online gaming and perfect quality video streaming. With this Wi-Fi router in your house, you can enjoy endless hours of uninterrupted connection along with a wider operating range. Along with this, the router receives constant notifications about the updates for the latest firmware and power outage can never stop the functionality of the router.

Features and specifications

Unlike the other model Wi-Fi routers in the market, the Mi Router 3C is proud of that fact that it has 64GB RAM, which is about 8 times more RAM space than what the competitors provide to the people. By pairing the router to your smartphone or any mobile device, you can control the device from wherever you are. This includes setting the limit on the internet usage and blacklisting unwanted activities over your connection. All these can be done by installing the Mi Wi-Fi app onto your smartphone. The app is compatible for most of the operating systems like Android and iOS.

Now that you know about some of the features that you can avail from the Wi-Fi router, here are the technical specifications of the device.

  • Dimensions and specifications

The Wi-Fi router is made of the ABS material and has a length of 195mm. Weighing about 241 g, this device can be placed in any place of your choice. The device makes use of MT7628N processor along with 16MB NorFlash ROM and 64GB DDR2 RAM. The router is able to provide a speed up to 300Mbps and makes use of 4 antennas.

  • Interface specifications

The router as such has one power port for connecting to the power source and one reset button in case of emergencies. There is the red, yellow and blue LED indicator on the device to show the signal strength and to show the connectivity of the device with the network. Apart from this, there are 2 LAN ports and 1 WAN port in the device.

The device on the whole makes use of English as the support language. As mentioned earlier, the device is compatible with web, Android and iOS operating systems. Apart from this you can also checkout new Mi products such as mi power bank, air purifier, earphones etc. You can now get the Wi-Fi router from the online sites with the help of Tata CLiQ coupons to get the extra benefit or discount on the product.