Engage your Visitors with Video Game Techniques

Did you know that interactive games could teach you a thing or two about web designing? Like website designs, good game interfaces should be enticing and capable of dealing with repetitive actions within a limited time. These game interfaces should also rank high on usability and enhance the user’s experience. While playing video games, people imagine themselves as part of another world. Therefore, the content of the game should be presented in a way so that it does not interfere with the fantasy of the people.

Visitors look for valuable information in the Internet and they want the content to be interesting and simple. People prefer content that they can find easily and does not involve loads of clicking and scrolling. And this is where designers can derive inspiration from video game interfaces. Websites that opt for common game interface tools can enhance the style quotient of the site and rates of repeat visitors. Here are few simple tips.

Pep up the loading screens

Do you remember the loading screens from Fallout 3? Its screen is full of valuable information and contains a green-screen target that acts as the fun element of the game. Designers can use this technique to make their sites attractive and user-friendly. If you are creating a corporate website, for example, you can load crucial information and tips.

Pay attention to cursors

The most common custom cursor is the ‘hand’. However, the latest trend is to opt for interesting custom cursors. Of course, you should exercise caution, while incorporating these uncommon cursors in the site. Opt for these cursors when you want the visitors to notice any crucial information or to highlight any clickable text. Remember that while a particular cursor may look good on a children’s website, it may not appear interesting on a site that is targeting corporate heads.

Use icons intelligently

As compared to staying on a particular page for availing information in sites, people spend more time while playing games. This is the reason why makers of video games emphasize more on icons. However, these days many web designers are relying on icons to enhance navigation, especially if you are creating a WordPress blog, you need to harness the power of icons to enhance the navigation of the website. If your site is loaded with information (means visitors have to stay on the page for longer time), you can use icons to accelerate navigation. Take time in choosing the icons.

Make your site interesting by using icons as visual cues. This will allow visitors to notice the key points. You can use icons to break the long text into small paragraphs and thus, retain interest of the visitors. If you get hold of relevant icons, you can also utilize them for topical groupings and navigation. Remember that right icons allow readers to scan the relevant information quickly and this in turn, makes the site more user-friendly.

Apart from incorporating traditional icons, you can consider opting for your customer’s products or services as icons. This technique is simple, user-friendly and has a direct approach that is perfect for a marketing site.

While it is true that video games can teach you many things about design patterns and interaction, you need to modify these techniques according to the theme of the website and your client’s requirements.
Have fun while merging the world of games and designing!