4 Myths about CCTV Systems You Should Stop Believing

Everyone wants to have a secure environment to live in. Surveillance systems are gaining popularity as a means to do so. However, there are many misconceptions about security cameras making rounds among the prospective buyers. Considering that believing in these myths can lead to several cybersecurity vulnerabilities , it is important debunk these misconceptions. Here are a few myths about CCTV systems that you should stop believing.

Myth 1: If You Have Cameras, You Are Inviting Trouble

There is a common misconception that if the thieves see a camera, they purposely rob the place to challenge the security system. For a criminal to realize the presence of a camera, they have to see the camera and that itself captures their image on record. The presence of a camera deters the wrongdoers from committing a folly.

Myth 2: All Security Cameras Give HD Output

Some of the most popular cameras belong to the analog variety. The main reason for preferring for this kind of cameras over HD is the affordability. People only need to have some security measures for their peace of mind. A digital or analog camera will serve the same purpose in this case.

Myth 3: Bigger Cameras Give Better Security

In this scenario, might has nothing to do with size. In fact, when you think of cameras, smaller is better. It is easier to conceal and hence less likely to be damaged by outsiders. Also, if it is well concealed, it can do its job of nabbing the culprits with ease.

Myth 4:  CCTV Systems Are All That You Need for Security

Even though CCTV systems are touted to be the latest available technology for home security, these are definitely not enough just on their own. Thefts can take place without your camera being able to recognize the experienced robbers. Your security system should also include an alarm system so that the respective authorities can be notified of the crime immediately. In case of a robbery, the insurance company will give more value to a place that has a CCTV system coupled with an alarm system than the CCTV alone.

These are some of the most commonly believed myths. As a prospective buyer or CCTV system owner, it’s important to bust these false beliefs and get the facts right so that you can get the most out of security cameras.