3 Sure Signs Your Computer has Malware

If you have a computer it is bound to happen: you are going to have to deal with some kind of internet threat at least once, at some point. Even if you have the best internet security there is always a chance that threat actors and shady people out there trying to develop ways to steal and cheat people over the web will find a way to work around or through it.  From browser hijackers to camera malware, there are also many outlets for these threat actors to pursue!

If you have web security, you might think there is no chance your Hikvision system will ever be infected with malware. But just in case, here are a few symptoms to look for which might suggest that your computer has, in fact, been infected with some kind of malware.


If your computer is running slow it could be the result of having too many processes running at the same time. If you have a lot of windows open in your web browser as well as social media apps and perhaps some kind of office applications or two, this might affect your computer’s running speed. This is especially true if your various open web browser pages have lots of video ads, etc.

But if you do not have a lot of browser windows open and your computer is running slow, it could also mean that there are some hidden programs running in the background, often monitoring your web activity or key strokes.  Basically, if your computer is running slowly, try to shut down some applications to minimize the disk use and see if that helps: if it does not, you probably have some kind of malware.


One of the most common signs that you have malware is the overbearing abundance of pop up ads.  No matter how often you shut them down or try to switch your web pages, they keep coming back! That is probably a sure sign you have some kind of virus.


Similar to a slow system due to maxed memory, system crashes occur when the system gets confused or overwhelmed.  If this starts to happen all the time it could mean that a virus is overloading the system and it cannot load properly or that a virus may have started to rewrite registry entries, which means your computer won’t be able to find programs it would normally have no trouble opening.